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Day 1 – Pick up from Hotel, Transfer to Harbour, Kelor Island, Rinca Island & Kalong Island

· Pick up from meeting point (hotel/airport) from 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM and transfer to harbour

· Trekking on the hills of Kelor Island, it only take 10 minutes to go up and see whole island from the top. Snorkeling near the beach or just laying down on white sandy beach.

· RInca Island is natural habitat for Komodo Dragon, we will take short trekking to the jungle to see Komodo and their nest. There is a hill where you can enjoy the view on gazebo.

· The boat will strolling near mangrove area and when the sun goes down, thousand flying foxes will flying over the boat

Day 2 – Padar Island, Pink beach, Taka Makassar & Gili Lawa

· Early morning the boat will depart to Padar Island. There is stairs until the view point to see three color beach of Padar Island.

· Known as Long Beach too, pink sandy beach will make you can’t wait to rolling there. Little bit snorkeling after sunbathing to meet the fish and coral

· Taka makassar or Gusung Island is tiny island with white sandy beach. Due to strong current, we only allowed guest who can snorkeling very well to see the most amazing coral and reef near the Island, our guide will be with you during snorkeling.

· The last Island for second day. Gili Lawa have beautiful hills with perfect spot for sunset or sunrise. For sunset we can trekking to the small hill and sunrise could see on the highest hill

Day 3 – Gili Lawa, Manta Point, Siaba Island, & Kanawa Island

· Depart to Manta Point from Gili Lawa take 1 hour. Be patience! Manta known as friendly fish who like to swim against current to find the food. Sometimes they are playing on the surface or hide from us on the bottom of the sea. There is no beach or island, we will jump over the boat when we see them.

· Siaba known as perfect place to meet sea turtles. They are hidden on the coral or swimming on the deep sea. If you are lucky, they will swim close to you.

· Kanawa is Island resort that have so many many colourful fish near the beach and jetty. Laying on the beach after snorkeling will be perfect for the last place of the trip.

· The boat will anchoring near Kanawa Island or Bidadari Island but if the weather or sea conditions good, we will anchoring on Sabolon Island

Day 4 – Sabolon Island, Seraya Island & Transfer to Hotel or Airport

· Sabolon Island is pretty island with white sandy beach and surrounded by beautiful reef under the sea. Snorkeling in here will make you eye-gasm

· The island resort with hidden treasure underwater, known as habitat of reef shark. Sometimes, they swim near the jetty. Don’t be scared, this species of shark known as friendly and not aggressive to human.

· We will arrive in Labuan Bajo around 3:00 PM or earlier if you have flight

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