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Exploring the Beauty of PIK 2: Jakarta's Latest Travel Destination

PIK 2, or Pantai Indah Kapuk 2, is an emerging travel destination in Jakarta. Located in the northern coastal area, PIK 2 offers a variety of recreational activities, modern facilities, and stunning natural landscapes. Here are the reasons why you should visit PIK 2:

1. Beautiful White Sand Beaches

One of the main attractions of PIK 2 is its beautiful beaches with soft white sand. The beach is a perfect spot for relaxing, sunbathing, and enjoying the breathtaking ocean views.

  • Activities: Sunbathing, swimming, playing beach volleyball, and enjoying fresh seafood at beachfront restaurants.

2. Greenbelt and Mangrove Forest

PIK 2 offers not only beach views but also extensive green areas and lush mangrove forests. This is an ideal place for leisurely walks, cycling, or simply enjoying the beauty of nature.

  • Activities: Cycling, jogging, picnicking, and bird watching in the mangrove forest.

3. Exciting Culinary Hub

PIK 2 is a paradise for food lovers. You can find various restaurants, cafes, and food stalls offering both local and international cuisines.

  • Culinary Center: This area is a gathering place for food trucks and restaurants offering a wide range of foods from different countries.

  • Seafood Restaurants: Enjoy fresh seafood prepared in various ways, from grilled, fried, to steamed.

4. Recreational and Sports Facilities

PIK 2 is equipped with various modern recreational and sports facilities, ranging from golf courses to water sports areas.

  • Waterpark: Enjoy a variety of fun water rides at the waterpark in PIK 2.

  • Sport Facilities: There are tennis courts, basketball courts, and other sports areas to support a healthy lifestyle.

5. Events and Festivals

PIK 2 often hosts various interesting events and festivals, such as music festivals, food bazaars, and art exhibitions.

  • Event Calendar: Make sure to check the PIK 2 event calendar to not miss out on the exciting events held throughout the year.

Practical Tips:

  • Transportation Access: PIK 2 is easily accessible via toll roads, and there are plenty of public transportation options and ample parking.

  • Best Time to Visit: Visiting PIK 2 in the morning or late afternoon is the best time to avoid the scorching heat and enjoy the beautiful sunset views.

  • Safety: PIK 2 is a secure area with strict surveillance, but always stay vigilant and keep your valuables safe.


PIK 2 is a new travel destination that offers a perfect blend of nature, culinary delights, and modern facilities. Whether you are looking for a place to relax on the beach, enjoy delicious food, or participate in recreational activities, PIK 2 has it all. Plan your visit to PIK 2 and enjoy an unforgettable experience at one of Jakarta's best destinations!

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