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How to get a DPRK (North Korea) Visa

To enter North Korea, tourists must apply and pay for a visa that can be issued through North Korea's representative in Indonesia. In doing so, tourists must provide details of their arrangements with local tourist guides that will arrange the entirety of their trip to North Korea. After arrangements have been made, tourists must submit their application to a local representative alongside the necessary forms and documents. They include a 3 centimeter by 4 cm formal photo with a red background, copy of your passport, itinerary, proof of payment and arrangement with local North Korean partners, confirmed flight itinerary in and out of North Korea, a copy of your ID and workplace address (not applicable to students, retiree, freelancer or stay-at-home spouses). Tourists must also sign a terms and conditions document regarding the rules and regulations of traveling to North Korea. The North Korean representative could issue a nonstamped visa upon the request of a traveler. The visa would be issued around 30 days after the application is submitted and the tourist's original passports must be brought to retrieve the visa. If all steps have been followed correctly, congratulations! Now you can travel to North Korea.

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*We cited an article published in with the title "What you need to know about traveling to North Korea - Tips - The Jakarta Post". written by our staff Click to read:

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